Lisa Tresch

I've had a pen in my hand since I was six years old. My professional journey began a bit later with an undergraduate degree in Journalism, graduate work in Mass Communications, and a career path as a newspaper reporter, managing editor for a magazine, and freelance editor. I've won awards for my writing and have been an active blogger for six years. I thrive on assignment writing and a quick deadline. How can I help you?

Do the Right Thing: Some Thoughts on the Walkout

Our middle child, Erin, started kindergarten at a large public school in a suburb of Tulsa. On her first day at Jenks East Elementary, I packed her Disney character lunchbox, slipped her plastic pink and purple backpack through her two little outstretched arms, and told her that this was the best day of her life so far. I was only repeating what she had been telling everyone for months, that her first day of kindergarten – real school as she called it – was going to be the “best day of my life.”

The Risk of Listening

This blog post is about Nambia. Yes, I’m going there. Not literally, because there is no country of Nambia. In a speech to African leaders at the United Nations last week, the President referred twice to the country of Nambia with regard to an increasingly self-sufficient health care system. To be clear, there are countries in Africa where the names have changed: Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, Gold Coast to Ghana, Belgian Congo to Congo to Zaire to Congo. And countries have s